Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blue Lake Race Report

Not much to report. I "bonked". I have had stomach cramp issues on the run since I started doing triathlons. In the attempt to avoid stomach cramps I did not put in enough calories the night before and on the day of the race.

The swim went great. Shortly after getting on the bike I felt something was wrong. My body simply did not work anymore. The race was just a whole lot of pain and suffering after that and I did not improve my time much from last year.

If any good news is there it is that my swimming is getting better and that even if I "bonk" that I can still finish the race with a sub 2:15 time. My transitions are also getting smoother although I did not have any energy to move quickly through them.

I sat shivering under many blankets after the race was over -- and many commented that my lips were blue. Not good & not fun. On to better races.

I was glad to see that Steve Murcott had a fantastic race, getting 2:09 and gaining a 3rd place in his Age Group at the fastest short-course race in the North West. :)Also kudos to non-pro (haha) Roger Thompson age 37 with a winning time of 1:53:54 and a 54:00 40k bike split! That is smoking fast!

Happy training, Sam

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Steve said...

Couldn't have hit the target without a rather awesome draft on the swim. I had no idea it was you at the time, but you swam straight as an arrow! Thanks bro!

You'll smash that time at Midsummer.