Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sam finishes in the Top 10 at Portland City Triathon

2009 Final Wrap-up & Thoughts

As the race season for 2009 did not go as expected I lost the motivation to even update my blog. Because of that I never posted my race report for my last few races. Although I did not reach my PR goal this year, I did achieve a Top 10 finish at the Portland Triathlon (Olympic distance). The Portland City Triathlon is a very challenging and extremely hilly bike course with multiple laps which include steep climbs and rollers. As I have mentioned earlier, I have been plagued with Stomach cramps all season and it seems I am able to suffer through the discomfort on those courses that have hills (as I am not in the same position constantly on the bike). Because of this, the only two races I had decent results at where both B or C races on hilly course this year.

Right now, I am not following a training schedule and enjoying the off season. I pretty much train when I feel like it. I am in the process of joining a master's swim team (Barracudas) and am also changing coaches. January 1st I will be working with Grant Folske. Click here to see a short bio on Grant. Due to a price increase with Scott and the ability to have a coach in the same city I decided on the switch. At my level, $200 a month with Scott was not the right thing (especially since Kacy is studying these days).

2009 was overall a disappointment due to stomach issues on the run (and on the bike to some degree). I did not reach my goal of sub 2:10 although I felt I did reach the fitness level required to achieve 2:10. In keeping with my goal of reducing my time 2-3 mins each year - my 2010 goal will be sub 2:08. In order to pull that off I have to get stronger and faster still in addition to learning a proper swim technique.

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