Monday, June 7, 2010

Sam Manages 2:09:17 at Blue Lake Triathlon

After a solid 6 months of training I managed to PR this year at Blue Lake.
The swim went pretty well. I found a big guy to draft, he could have gone a little faster and a little straighter..but all in all not too shabby a swim at 25:07. I did not push too hard and I was in control the whole time.

Transition went well and I had plenty of energy left. I was not hypoxia induced or dizzy for the first time. I managed a decent T1 time even while falling down when the wet suit snagged my timing chip strap around my ankle. I will need to find a way to avoid that for the next race.

Bike went well. I managed to average over 25mph and came in at 59:48. I felt pretty fatigued a few times during the bike. Might have pushed a little too hard to start. I ended up almost drinking my entire bottle. That gave me good energy, however I ended-up having stomach cramps on the run. There is something magical about breaking the 60 minute barrier in a triathlon for the first time. It is very satisfying. Sorry Steve (inside Joke as he did 1:00:01). The bike split was the bright part of my race and what I am most happy with. Being most pleased with my bike leg is strange and unexpected as I am a natural runner.

T2 went pretty well. It was a very very muddy rainy day. The transition area was a real mess. The run did not go so well however. I ran around 41:30 and I am in good running shape. I was hoping to come in around 38-39 minutes as I can run a 36 min. stand-alone 10k. Last year I managed 40 mins. on the run and was hoping to improve on that.

All in all, I will take the sub 2:10 result and am happy with my race overall. I have some easy gains on the run if I can find a way to run "better off the bike" in the future. Swimming and biking will also improve over time. I can see 2:07 right around the corner. Something to shoot for!

Hopefully next year I will be able to get top 20. This year I missed an Age Group Medal by 10 seconds and a spot in next years elite wave by 2 spots. Oh well! :) Bye for now.

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